Ski lessons aren’t for beginners.

It is such a shame that ski and boarding lessons are seen in such a poor light. Once most people can wobble around the blue runs they feel it is time to ditch the lessons and have some FUN! Wholly admirable, and getting out there and ‘just doing it’ will make your skiing and riding much better….up to a point. But never taking another lesson is also likely to cause bad habits to accumulate.

When a big enough gang of bad habits have started to hang around they will pin you onto an ‘intermeadiate plateau’. These places are a real, real bore: the frustration, and missing out on the satisfaction of improvement, can just take the edge off the fun of snowsports.

More positively getting better opens up so many doors: what if you luck out and it dumps so much powder snow that the piste machines can’t keep up?  Or alternatively what if luck does not favour you and there is no fresh snow? At the end of winter it can all change within a day: typical spring weather gives you a mix of bullet proof surfaces first thing, changing to perfect ‘hero-snow’ and then a slush fest. We are out there, in all conditions, and loving it.

If you are faced with conditions that are too challenging for your skill level you could decide to have lessons there and then. We think there is an even better way.

  • Get better at skiing or snowboarding all the time.
  • Choose the right instructor for you, and your ski and snowboarding objectives.
  • Becoming more skilled keeps the fun coming.

Being based here year round we know what’s what with the teachers and guides. Let us steer you away from some po-faced montagnard who can’t be bothered with yet another imbecile from the low-lands, or the dude who only wants to awe you with what a true ski/boarding god he is, as he bestow a few previous moments of his time. No, we would rather introduce you to someone who will help you do what you want to, and have FUN!

Because the best ones get booked up think ahead, don’t be left with the ‘others’.