Via Corda Alpina Chamonix

An accessible gem, why is this not more well known?

Having just completed this long climb with a mixed ability group we want to let more people know about it.

What is it?

It is a long climb up a rocky ridge that combines a bit of very easy rock climbing, hiking and elements of mountaineering. The views are great over to the Aiguilles Rouges, into the gorge at the end of the Mer de Glace, over Chamonix town and up theDrus cliff faces. It tops out at a snack hut and has an easy walk down.

Who can do it?

Our party included a 10 year old who has done a bit of rock climbing but is not keen on hiking and a keen hiker with next to no climbing experience. There was also an experienced mountaineer and climber in our party of 5. Everyone had a fantastic trip taking enjoyment from different aspects of the experience.

The length, 2-3 hours for an experienced and fit group or it could be a whole day out if the party has members : young,inexperienced or lacking endurance. So almost anyone who can do a day of moderate hiking and is willing to go for it could do it.

What do I need?

Some basic climbing kit, harnesses, rope, 7-10 quickdraws, helmet. We used climbing shoes, which for a long route can be a bit sore, hiking boots, alpine boots or even training shoes could be used.

Snacks and water.


Anybody leading this climb must be able to lead 3c with long runouts.

If you are not familiar with even one term or  item on the above list, get a professional to lead your group. This could either be a guide or climbing instructor for this sort of route. Please contact us here for recommendations.

Doing it in the wet or to soon after rain will make it significantly more challenging so pick good weather.