Spring at the Smokehouse exhibition

**Recommended as one of the top five exhibitions for April 2012 by First Thursdays **

Spring in the ski season is a poignant time – there are no ‘new beginnings’  as the chances to ride start to melt  away– the snow is melting, transforming, and any new snow that comes will disappear quickly too.  It is ending for another year. Seize the day, live in the moment.  Find spring snow.


Spring Skiing at Flegere

While the world wakes up and notices new beginnings  – for any winter sports lovers,  it is an indication that the snow is soon going to disappear for another year. Any regular skier or boarder will feel at their strongest and at their best in Spring as the season ebbs to a close. Spring, in this case, means an end.

Spring Snowboarder

The quality of spring snow is unique; it has been transformed by the evolutions in the changing winter weather, and more sunlight as the earth warms.  It can feel old, scratchy, used or dirty on piste, and in the mornings it can be icy, difficult to manage. But on an afternoon after the sun has softened it, it can be the most forgiving and flattering surface.

With mild weather, it is a time to make the most of what is left. Spring in the ski season is a reminder to relax, and live in the moment.

Spring Snow in Courmayeur 

These  paintings  were inspired by scenes in the Mont Blanc region of France and Italy over this past winter season 2012 and will be exhibited at ‘Spring at the Smokehouse’ exhibition  in London from this April 5th to May 6th.


Spring at the Smokehouse Catalogue