Photopolymer Printing: non-toxic printing in Chamonix

I love Photopolymer printing. I first learned how to do this with Pablo Osario in Geneva and I was instantly hooked.

What is photopolymer printing?

You expose photopolymer film, (used in the semi-conductor and solar panel industry), to UV light, to create a plate for intaglio printing. If that means something to you, then you have some experience or knowledge of printing. If this is all unfamiliar, all will be explained in our sessions.

It combines traditional printing, etching, aquatint-like techniques, and the results are a beautiful combination of photography and digital work. If you are old enough, or hipster enough, to have used an old school photographic dark room, and have therefore experienced the incomparable magic of watching an image develop, then you will know what I mean.

The process and the results are both contemporary and classily timeless: aesthetically the images can be rather like applying a funky photographic filter on Instagram, but all done by hand. Very pleasing.      

You can go for as photographically perfect results, or you can relish in the happy lucky happenstance chance that is printmaking. You can probably tell from that last statement that I am a real fan of the latter: many printmaking joys come from unexpected results, but to make the best use of these and to use them again when you want, I do think you need to master the former, and spend some time on the ….. nerdy technical knowledge. And it can get very nerdy.

But the rewards are a practice with virtually no limit to the kind of images that can be produced. My practice focuses reproductions of my own paintings and traditional photography. I am fascinated by the new life the photopolymer print gives to the paintings, and I love the concept that a simple, hurried digital snap of a smart phone can be rendered into a hand-printed piece of fine art.

If all this was not exciting enough, it is a non-toxic process. If you have ever encountered printmaking before, you will understand what a revolutionary idea this is: the most dangerous substances you will use are household cleaning soda, and soy sauce! Using soy sauce in the preparation always leaves me hungry, which combines nicely with the sense of anticipation I feel before every printing session.

If you would like to discover more about this exciting process in my studio in Chamonix, please get in touch and we can set up a session. All you need is a digital camera or smartphone.