Open Access Print Studio Chamonix

The small studio has been set up with print making facilities, for screen printing (fabrics and paper), mono-printing, and photopolymer printing. Here is IVWT in screen printing action with a collection of T-shirts.

Here is Hana, getting into her mono printing colours.

As an experienced artist you are welcome to use the studio on an open access basis. If you would like to learn about printmaking with me, please ask about printmaking courses.


Annual membership and with first induction session €35 

Thereafter you may book the studio on a session basis:

Book of 5 sessions  € 75,00  (3 hours a session)

Book of 10 sessions € 135,00 (3 hours a session)

Or/ for  long term access:

Month long access € 125,00 per month, annual commitment

Month long access €150 per month, month by month commitment

As a non-member, you can still use the studio on a daily basis as follows:

Non member access (after induction) €55 per day (6 hours)

Space is limited, so please contact below or by text to 0631164609 to book 12 hours in advance. This will ensure the studio is set up for your printing needs and is available.

If you would like to learn to print, then please contact me below for details of printmaking courses.

Please tell me more about the open access studio or learning to print