Art Course Prices

Group rates

3 days €270

4 days €290

5 days €340

Prices are per person, with a minimum of 3 per group, 3 hrs per day. If no group is running, you can also buy a book of sessions

Private sessions

€95 an hour.

additional people can be added at an extra €15 per person per hour.

NEW! Book of 10 sessions for €895

The book is transferable and can be used by several family members or friends at the same time. This provides a flexible way to create a group when there is none running, or a discount on bespoke tuition and mentoring for individuals. Available for adults and children alike.

2 people or more –sessions of 3 hours

1 person – sessions of 1 hour

1 person – sessions of 1 hour. Can be converted to Distance Coaching below:


3 months package €289

6 months package €575

This gives you an hour a month to check in frequently with your progress, finished artwork or any particular projects. We can discuss how your work is progressing, and you will get written feedback, and the next steps for you to take.

Contact me here to book or find out more