10 ways to enjoy hanging out with a friend who is not a God of the slopes like you

HELP, I am stuck skiing with someone who is just not as good as me!

Does this ever happen to you? Here are 10 ways to enjoy hanging out with a friend who is not a God of the slopes like you.

1 Loved one a beginner? why not be a beginner too: try telemarking or snowboarding. Share the first week bruises and laughs.

2 Be like a pro. Cruising unchallenging terrain? make it tougher, lose the poles, ski on one ski, undo your boots, fold your arms tight, close your eyes (ok this one is complicated if you don’t have lots of space.) These impediments still not enough? Then try more than one at a time. World cup racers spend a lot of time doing this to refine skills.

3 Organise a multi-level group, so that slope time can be split into smaller groups of the same abilities, as well as all hanging around together.

4 Lessons for one, or both, can work but don’t let it sound like the other is being ‘parked’.

5 Zen time, just enjoy whatever you are doing. Enjoy the view, float gracefully,listen to the whispers of your skis. Ommmm.

6 Take some chill out medicine. Did I really say that? Maybe health risks involved…..

7 Play like a child.

8 Encourage your hill buddy to have lessons at a dry slope or snow dome before the trip. In fact all of you do it. They are perfect places to improve skills (see suggestions No.1 & 2.)

9 Take plenty of rests, beginners work harder than you.

10 Guide them to terrain that suits them. Taking them somewhere too steep, powdery, bumpy will make them worse to be with. Occasional challenge – yes, destroy them – oh no.